Pushed content supported by the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service

The BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service is designed to provide extensive support for pushing content or data to BlackBerry devices. To push content to the BlackBerry device, you can develop server-side applications that make HTTP POST requests to the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service. Requests include a list of the destination BlackBerry devices that are targeted to receive the pushed content.

The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service sends the content to the appropriate BlackBerry devices using the users' email addresses. The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service manages the connection to the wireless network and verifies that content is delivered as soon as a user is in a wireless coverage area.

On the BlackBerry device, a separate browser listener thread listens on port 7874 for incoming messages and processes incoming messages.

The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service supports the following content push protocols:

Content push protocol


RIM Push

The RIM Push protocol sends the content as a byte stream to the destination BlackBerry device to the port that is specified in the URL of the pushed message. Pushed data can be stored in RAM on the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service server or in the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server database.


The PAP protocol sends an HTTP POST request containing a PAP message. The message is a MIME multipart message that includes the control entity and the pushed content. The control entity is an XML document that specifies information about the destination BlackBerry device address, message ID, delivery time stamps, and so on.


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