Security features



authentication of BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System users

Only authenticated BlackBerry MVS users can use their BlackBerry devices to extend the capabilities of their work desk phones. The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with BlackBerry MVS Services is designed to authenticate BlackBerry device users to BlackBerry MVS. Only authenticated BlackBerry device users can access the work phone numbers and features of the BlackBerry MVS Client.

standard message encryption

BlackBerry MVS is designed to take advantage of the security features of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is designed to use a symmetric key encryption algorithm to protect data in transit between BlackBerry devices and BlackBerry MVS. For more information, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security Technical Overview.


BlackBerry MVS creates log files to record information about the call activity of users, error messages, warnings, daily activities, and other events that are related to BlackBerry MVS. You can run predefined reports to collect information about the BlackBerry MVS environment and use this information for analysis and troubleshooting.

notification groups

You can configure notification groups to send notification email messages to contacts about BlackBerry MVS events that might require action.


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