Phone features



single phone number

Each BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System user has a single phone number that simultaneously or sequentially rings up to four phones, such as a desk phone, a BlackBerry device, and two additional phones.

Users can add phones to their user accounts if you permit them to do so.

access to desk phone features

BlackBerry MVS users can use the phone application on their BlackBerry devices to access the desk phone features of the BlackBerry MVS Client. Users can use the desk phone features of the BlackBerry MVS Client to perform the following actions:

  • make a call from a work phone number
  • answer a call to a work phone number
  • transfer a call
  • place a call on hold
  • switch to another call during a call
  • move a call to a desk phone during a conversation

Users can access the desk phone features from other phones that are associated to their user accounts by calling a mobile access number and using touch-tones to access desk phone features.

caller restrictions

You can use caller restrictions to filter incoming calls. When a user receives a call, the BlackBerry MVS Server filters the phone number through two lists: allowed callers and blocked callers. If the BlackBerry MVS Server finds the phone number in the allowed callers list, it notifies the user of the call. If the BlackBerry MVS Server finds the phone number in the blocked callers list, it forwards the call directly to the user's voice mailbox.

Users can also restrict all calls. If users turn on this feature, the BlackBerry MVS Server forwards calls directly to the users' voice mailboxes unless the phone numbers appear in the allowed caller list.

Users can manage the lists of allowed callers and blocked callers if you permit them to do so.

integrated voice mail

You can integrate BlackBerry MVS with your organization's voice mail system to provide users with access to their work voice mailboxes. You can configure a voice mail message indicator to appear on BlackBerry devices when voice mail messages are waiting for users.


You can schedule when BlackBerry MVS users can receive calls to their work phone numbers and the phones associated with their user accounts. Users can change these schedules if you permit them to do so.


Users can use their BlackBerry devices to create ad-hoc conference calls and invite as many parties to join a call as necessary.

You can permit users to use the BlackBerry MVS web UI to create scheduled conferences. Users can select whether the BlackBerry MVS Server sends an email notification message to conference participants with an access phone number and secure access code, or whether the BlackBerry MVS Server calls participants when the conference begins.


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