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Schedule when a user receives calls to a phone

You can schedule when a user receives calls to a phone that is associated with the user account. The BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System does not forward calls to a phone at a time that is outside of the schedule for the phone. The BlackBerry MVS evaluates phone schedules after it evaluates the do not disturb setting for the user account and the schedule for the work phone number.
  1. In the BlackBerry MVS web UI, on the User menu, click User Profiles.
  2. Click a user account.
  3. On the User menu, click Phones.
  4. Click Phone Schedules beside a phone.
  5. Click Fast Add.
  6. Configure the times when the user can receive calls to the phone.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click Return.
  9. Select the Schedule Enabled option beside the phone.
Repeat steps 4 to 9 for each phone that you want to configure a schedule for.


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