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Configure the number of times users can try to log in

You must have site administrator permissions to perform this task.
You can limit the number of times that users can try to log in to a mobile access number with passwords that are not valid. After users exceed this limit, the BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System locks the account. You must change your organization's configuration set to limit the number. You can then change the setting on a per-user basis. After you activate a configuration set, new user accounts reflect the changes and the BlackBerry MVS updates existing user accounts that you did not change on a per-user basis.
  1. In the BlackBerry MVS web UI, on the Administration menu, click Configurations.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To change the active configuration set, click Duplicate beside the configuration set. Beside the new configuration set, click Edit
    • To change a configuration set that is not active, click Edit beside the appropriate configuration set.
  3. Click System Parameters.
  4. In the Security Parameters - Telephone Interface section, in the Max Count of TUI PIN Errors for Security Breach drop-down list, click a number. The default value is three times.
  5. Click Save.
To apply the changes, activate the configuration set.


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