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Change the permissions for a feature set

You must have site administrator permissions to perform this task.
You can change the permissions for a feature set. After you change the permissions, the BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System updates the affected user accounts, administrator accounts, and BlackBerry devices, if applicable.
  1. In the BlackBerry MVS web UI, on the Administration menu, click Feature Sets.
  2. Beside the feature set that you want to change, click Capabilities.
  3. Perform any of the following actions:
    • To turn on a permission, in the Available list, click the permission. Click the right arrow icon.
    • To turn off a permission, in the Selected list, click the permission. Click the left arrow icon.
  4. Repeat from step 3 for each permission that you want to turn on or turn off for the feature set.
  5. Click Submit.


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