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List of available BlackBerry Analysis, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Tools



BlackBerry® Application Reporting Tool (HHAppReport.exe)

This tool lists the applications that are installed in the BlackBerry Domain. You can use this tool to audit the BlackBerry Domain and find unapproved applications.

BlackBerry Domain Administration History Reporting Tool (AdminHistory.exe)

This tool reads the ServerConfigHistory table in the BlackBerry Configuration Database and displays configuration changes, such as newly added user accounts, in a .csv file. The tool records the date and time of each change and the name of the administrator who made the change.

BlackBerry IT Policy Import and Export Tool (ITPolicyImportExport.exe)

This tool exports IT policy information from a BlackBerry Configuration Database. The global IT policy rules are a specific set of IT policy rules that apply to all user accounts on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool (MessageConfirmService.exe)

This tool verifies that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is sending messages to BlackBerry devices. At an interval that you specify, the BlackBerry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool sends a message to the specified user account, monitors the status of that message, and checks for confirmation that the BlackBerry device receives the message.

BlackBerry System Log Monitoring and Reporting Tool (BESSysLog.exe)

This tool monitors the BlackBerry Enterprise Server log events as they are written to the log file. You can specify which BlackBerry Enterprise Server components to monitor, the events that the tool tracks, and the types of notifications and reports that the tool sends to administrators.

BlackBerry System Requirements Tool (BBCheck.exe)

This tool provides a set of tests that can help you determine whether you can successfully run a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component on a computer.


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