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Security Transcoder Cod File Hashes IT policy rule


This rule specifies which .cod files a BlackBerry® device permits to register as transcoders.

Attention: If you specify third-party applications that can use the Transcoder API on a BlackBerry device, those applications might impact the security, usability, and performance of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution. For more information, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security Technical Overview.

Default value

The default value is a null value.


To permit a third-party encryption scheme to be used in conjunction with BlackBerry Enterprise Solution encryption, configure hashes in hexadecimal format, separated by commas. A BlackBerry device reads this information from the command javaloader siblinginfo <implementation_file.cod> .

Minimum requirements

  • Java® based BlackBerry device
  • BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.5
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.1 SP5


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