Examples of security policy goals

You can use IT policies and application control policies to meet your organization's security policy goals.

Example goal Description

Define permitted use of passwords for authentication on BlackBerry® devices.

  • Require a password on the BlackBerry device.
  • Configure features such as password duration, length, and strength.
  • Require password patterns.
  • Forbid specific passwords.

Define the encryption strength that BlackBerry devices use to protect data.

  • Extend encryption of data that is in transit between the sender and recipient of an email message or PIN message.
  • Require the BlackBerry device to generate and use the content protection key to encrypt user data while the BlackBerry device is locked.
  • Require the BlackBerry device to generate and use the principal encryption key to encrypt the device transport key while the BlackBerry device is locked.
  • To require a specific standard of encryption strength, specify the level of FIPS compliance for the embedded cryptographic module that is required for basic operation of the BlackBerry device.

Control application installation and use on BlackBerry devices.

  • Prevent BlackBerry device users from downloading third-party applications over the wireless network.
  • Specify whether applications on the BlackBerry device can establish specific types of connections.

Block viruses and malicious user actions on BlackBerry devices.

  • Specify the resources (for example, email, phone, and BlackBerry device key store) that a third-party application can access on the BlackBerry device.
  • Specify the types of connections (for example, local, internal, and external) that a third-party application that is running on the BlackBerry device can open.
  • Specify whether an application can access the user authenticator framework API, which permits the registration of drivers to provide two-factor authentication to unlock the BlackBerry device.

Control Bluetooth® technology use on BlackBerry devices.

  • Manage Bluetooth technology on BlackBerry devices.
  • Prevent the use of Bluetooth technology on BlackBerry devices.
  • Specify whether a BlackBerry device can pair with another Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Specify whether the user can turn on and turn off the Bluetooth profiles that are on the BlackBerry device.


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