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Disable All Wireless Synchronization IT policy rule


This rule specifies whether wireless data synchronization is turned off.

Default value

The default value is No.


Change this rule to Yes to turn off all wireless data synchronization, except wireless email reconciliation. Changing the rule prevents the following actions:
  • wireless synchronization of contact entries, calendar entries, email message filters, tasks, and memos
  • wireless synchronization of all logging information
  • wireless backup of data, including device configuration data
  • wireless bulk loads
  • activation of BlackBerry® devices over the wireless network

When you change this rule, wireless synchronization of all logging on the BlackBerry device, including phone call logs, PIN message logs, and SMS message logs, is turned off, and log information is not available for compliance purposes.

The BlackBerry device does not report its IT policy time, model name, BlackBerry® Device Software version, phone number, or SIM information to the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, although you can verify this information on the BlackBerry device.

If you apply this rule, the user account name no longer appears in the SyncDeviceMgmtSummary table in the BlackBerry Configuration Database.

Minimum requirements

  • C++ based BlackBerry device that is running BlackBerry Device Software version 2.7
  • Java® based BlackBerry device that is running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.0
  • BlackBerry® Application Suite version 1.0
  • BlackBerry® Connect™ version 4.0 (internal)
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.0


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