BlackBerry Web Services known issues

The GetSWConfigApplications() method may not return the correct package IDs. This data is used by the BlackBerry Push Initiator Tool. (600791)

If you use BWS.getMailStoreUsers to search for users by externalUserUid, and the search criteria includes quotes, the search does not complete successfully. (DT 8044840)

The BlackBerry Web Services Getting Started Guide includes information about which preconfigured administrative roles support the BlackBerry Web Services APIs. The information in the document is based on continuous testing and issue resolution, so there may be discrepancies between the information presented in the document and the capabilities of the administrative roles in the software. (DT 7332294)

If an application uses the BWS.getUsers API with the sortBy parameter set to last contact date, and the lastcontactdate field is set to null for all users, the results are not returned as expected. (DT 6705456)

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