BlackBerry Directory Sync Tool

This tool can be used with:
  • BlackBerry Device Service
  • Universal Device Service

The BlackBerry Directory Sync Tool is an application that you can use to synchronize the membership of directory groups (Microsoft Active Directory or a supported LDAP directory) with groups on a BlackBerry Device Service or Universal Device Service. BlackBerry Device Service and Universal Device Service groups are referred to collectively as BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 groups. After you map one-to-one relationships between directory groups and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 groups, you can start the synchronization process manually, or you can use a task scheduling application to run the synchronization at a set interval.

When you run the synchronization process, it compares the directory group to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 group that you mapped it to. If the tool finds any differences in group membership, it assigns user accounts to, or removes user accounts from, the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 group until the membership matches the directory group. For more information about synchronization rules, see Synchronization and provisioning rules.

The tool can synchronize groups only if the directory users have matching user accounts on the BlackBerry Device Service or Universal Device Service. If matching user accounts do not exist, you can use the appropriate administration console to manually add the user accounts, or you can enable the provisioning feature so that the tool can add user accounts during the synchronization process.

This document assumes that you are using the tools in the BlackBerry Resource Kit to manage BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. If you want to use the tools with previous releases that are supported, visit to see the documentation for the appropriate version of the BlackBerry Resource Kit.

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