Features of the BlackBerry Web Services



Programmatic access to common management tasks

You can develop applications that automate and combine various administrative tasks for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 domain. The BlackBerry Web Services are customizable and allow you to leverage the administrative features of your choosing.

Installed automatically

Both types of the BlackBerry Web Services are installed automatically when you install BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Ability to assign device users to multiple groups

You can share administrative roles, IT policies, and other configuration settings among user accounts so that properties can be set once and used for each user.

Backward and forward compatibility

The BlackBerry Web Services use abstracted data objects, which allow for a greater level of backward and forward compatibility with new or existing applications.

Platform independent

The BlackBerry Web Services are independent of any operating system or programming platform, which means that they are compatible with any of the messaging servers that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 supports.

Security features

The BlackBerry Web Services communicate with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 using the HTTPS protocol.

Events logging

Both types of the BlackBerry Web Services write information about API activity to log files.

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