Fixed issues

Paging requests for BWS.getMailStoreUsers repeated in a loop if the last user on a page had an empty email address value (lastMailStoreUserEmailAddress set to null). (DT 7233788)

In the BlackBerry Web Services 10.1.1, the following text has been added to the BlackBerry Web Services API reference: "Paging is not recommended; if lastMailStoreUserEmailAddress is null or empty, paging continues in an endless loop. It is recommended to use specific search criteria to prevent the search results from exceeding the system limit and to specify a page size of 0."

When an administrator added user accounts to a domain using BlackBerry Management Studio, calls to the BWS.getBESHAPools API might have timed out. (DT 7197839)

In the BlackBerry Web Services 10.1.1, this issue is resolved.

The BWS.getSWConfigApplications API did not return an INVALID_PARAMETER error code if an invalid publishedBeforeDateTime value was provided in the GetSWConfigApplicationsSearchCriteria class. (DT 7179062)

In the BlackBerry Web Services 10.1.1, the appropriate error code is returned.

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