Configure provisioning options

The tool can synchronize groups only if the user accounts in Microsoft Active Directory have matching user accounts on the BlackBerry Device Service or Universal Device Service. If matching user accounts do not exist, you can use the appropriate administration console to manually add the user accounts, or you can enable the provisioning feature so that the tool can add user accounts during the synchronization process.
  1. On the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Directory Sync Tool, on the taskbar, click Start > All Programs > BlackBerry Resource Kit for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 > BlackBerry Directory Sync Tool client.
  2. In the BlackBerry Group Search section, click Configure.
  3. In the Provisioning Options section, select Enable user provisioning with virtual provisioning mappings.
  4. If you want the tool to manage the removal of user accounts from the BlackBerry Device Service or Universal Device Service, select Enable user de-provisioning when removed from provisioning mappings. In the De-provisioning Warning dialogue box, click Yes. In the De-provisioning action drop-down list, perform one of the following actions:
    • If you want the tool to remove user accounts from the server instance if they do not exist in Microsoft Active Directory groups that are mapped to virtual provisioning groups, click Delete users.
    • If you want the tool to identify in the report and the log file the user accounts that should be deleted, and you do not want the tool to delete the user accounts, click Log only. Use the information in the report or log file to remove the user accounts using the administration console.
  5. Click Save.
After you finish: Configure mappings between Microsoft Active Directory groups and virtual provisioning groups.

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