List the devices that a specific application is installed on

The -handheld_info command collects information about the applications that you distribute to users using the BlackBerry Administration Service and software configurations. The -handheld_info command does not return information about applications that users have downloaded, or the applications that are pre-loaded onto the device.
  1. To open the command window for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool, on the computer that hosts the tool, on the taskbar, click Start > All Programs > BlackBerry Resource Kit for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 > BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool.
  2. Type besuseradminclient <credentials> -handheld_info -appname <application_name>.

Example: Listing the devices that have a specific application installed and reporting them in an output file

besuseradminclient -username admin -password password -handheld_info -appname Scores -o sportscores.txt

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