List the IT policy rules configured in an IT policy

You can use the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool to view a list of the IT policy rules that you configured in a specific IT policy. The tool does not list the IT policy rules that you did not configure (IT policy rules that you do not configure in an IT policy use the default value).
  1. To open the command window for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool, on the computer that hosts the tool, on the taskbar, click Start > All Programs > BlackBerry Resource Kit for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 > BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool.
  2. Type besuseradminclient <credentials> -list -it_policy_rules -it_policy <policy_name>.
  3. If you want to write the information to an output file, type -o <output_file_name>.csv.


besuseradminclient -username admin -password password -list -it_policy_rules -it_policy "Contract Employees" -o ContractEmployees.csv

Example output

Policy Name,Policy Group,Rule Name,Rule Value,Rule Type
Contract Employees,Software,Cloud Storage Access from Work Space,Disallow,ENUMERATION: 0|Disallow|1|Allow (default)
Contract Employees,Password,Password Required for Work Space,Yes,ENUMERATION: 1|Yes|0|No
Contract Employees,Password,Maximum Password Age,15,INTEGER
Contract Employees,Password,Minimum Password Length,8,INTEGER
Contract Employees,Password,Maximum Password Attempts,5,INTEGER
Contract Employees,Password,Maximum Password History,10,INTEGER
Contract Employees,Security,Personal Apps Access to Work Contacts,None,ENUMERATION: 0|All (default)|1|Only RIM Apps|2|None
Contract Employees,Security,Work App Access to Personal Data,Disallow,ENUMERATION: 0|Allow (default)|1|Disallow
Contract Employees,Security,Media Card Encryption,Yes,ENUMERATION: 0|No (default)|1|Yes
Contract Employees,Security,Personal Space Data Encryption,Yes,ENUMERATION: 0|No (default)|1|Yes
Contract Employees,Security,Work Network Usage for Personal Apps,Disallow,ENUMERATION: 1|Allow (default)|0|Disallow

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