Supported authentication models

The BlackBerry Device Service supports the following authentication models for BlackBerry Administration Service administrator accounts:

  • BlackBerry Administration Service authentication
  • Microsoft Active Directory authentication
  • Single sign-on authentication (uses Microsoft Active Directory authentication)

To use the tool, you must create a BlackBerry Administration Service administrator account (or use an existing account) that you configured to use BlackBerry Administration Service authentication or Microsoft Active Directory authentication. When you specify commands to execute a task, you must use authentication parameters to specify the login information for the administrator account that you want to use to perform the task. By default, if you do not specify login information, the tool tries to log in to the BlackBerry Administration Service using your current Windows authentication credentials. This behaviour assumes that you configured the BlackBerry Administration Service for single sign-on authentication.

For more information about creating an administrator account or how to configure single sign-on authentication, visit to read the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 documentation.

Certain tasks can only be performed if the administrator account that you specify has a role with the required permissions. For example, the command to add a user account to the BlackBerry Device Service can only complete successfully if the administrator account that you specify has a role with the "Create a user" permission.

For more information about the roles that can perform different administrative tasks, visit to see the "Parameters for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool" section of the BlackBerry Resource Kit for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Administration Guide.

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