Viewing the list of commands

To view the list of client and server commands for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool, in the command prompt, type -besuseradminclient and one of the following parameters:
  • -?
  • -h
  • -help <command> (for help information for a specific command)

Note the following information about the format of the list:

  • Indentions are used to separate groups of commands.
  • Subparameters work with the parameter that is outdented immediately above them.
  • Subparameters at the same level in the same group can be used together, unless the word "or" is used to separate them.
  • Certain subparameters can apply to multiple groups.
  • Subparameters in different groups do not apply to each other.
  • Optional parameters and subparameters are enclosed in square brackets ( [ ] ).

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