Administrative roles for the BlackBerry Device Service

The BlackBerry Device Service includes preconfigured administrative roles that you can assign to administrator accounts. Each role is designed for a different type of administrator, and each offers a different combination of permissions that allow an administrator to manage and make changes to the BlackBerry Device Service, user accounts, and BlackBerry devices. The table below details the permissions that are associated with each role.

To meet the needs of your organization's environment, you can change the permissions that are associated with the preconfigured roles or you can create custom roles. For more information about how to change or create roles, visit to read the BlackBerry Device Service Advanced Administration Guide.

When you use the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 User Administration Tool, you use login parameters to specify the administrator account that you want to use to run the command. Before you run a command, verify that the administrator account is assigned a role with the required permissions for that command. For example, if you want to use the tool to remove a user account from a BlackBerry Device Service, you must specify an administrator account that is assigned a role with the "Delete a user" and "View a user" permissions.

For more information about the administrative roles that can run each command, see the parameter reference topics in this guide.

Permission name

Security Administrator

Enterprise Administrator

Senior Helpdesk Administrator

Junior Helpdesk Administrator

Server Only Administrator

User Only Administrator

User and device group

Create a group


Delete a group


View a group


Edit a group


Create a user


Delete a user


View a user


Edit a user


View a device


Edit a device


View device activation settings


Edit device activation settings


Create an IT policy


Delete an IT policy


View an IT policy


Edit an IT policy


Import an IT policy


Export an IT policy


Resend data to devices


Create a software configuration


View a software configuration


Edit a software configuration


Delete a software configuration


Create an application


View an application


Edit an application


Delete an application


Create an administrator user


Add or remove to user configuration


Import or export users


Import user updates


Assign the current device to a user


Delete all device data and remove device


Delete only the organization data and remove device


View associated BlackBerry Device Service


Override associated BlackBerry Device Service


View a directory source


Edit a directory source


View user authentication


Create an email profile


Edit user authentication


Delete an email profile


View an email profile


Edit an email profile


Create a SCEP profile


Delete a SCEP profile


View a SCEP profile


Edit a SCEP profile


Create a proxy profile


Delete a proxy profile


View a proxy profile

Edit a proxy profile


View enterprise authentication


Import an enterprise authentication file


Remove enterprise authentication file


View device backup encryption keys


Edit device backup encryption keys


View compliance rules

Edit compliance rules


Specify an activation password


Generate an activation email


Import new users


Topology group

View a server



Edit a server



View a component



Edit a component



View an instance



Edit an instance



Change the status of an instance



Edit an instance relationship



View a job


Edit a job


View default distribution settings for a job


Edit default distribution settings for a job


Manage deployment job tasks


Change the status of a job task


Delete an instance



Edit license keys



View license keys



View reconciliation event status

View SMTP configuration



Edit SMTP configuration



View BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 license information

Edit BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 license information


View an organization notice


Edit an organization notice


View wireless service plan


Edit wireless service plan


View rules for the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service


BlackBerry Administration Service setup group

Create a role


Delete a role


View a role


Edit a role


Add or remove a role


View BlackBerry Administration Service software management



Edit BlackBerry Administration Service software management


Import or export groups within roles


View BlackBerry Administration Service certificate management


Edit BlackBerry Administration Service certificate management


Organizations group

View an organization


Edit an organization


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