Syntax: -find_mail_store_user

You can use the -find_mail_store_user parameter to locate a user account in your organization's user directory.

Optional parameters and subparameters are enclosed in square brackets ( [ ] ).

-find_mail_store_user : find mail store user
	-u <user name> : search string (display name or email address)
	[-utype <type>] : user type - display_name, email_address
	[-new_user_only] : search for users not already on a BlackBerry Device Service



-u <user_name>

This subparameter specifies the user account for the action. Searches are not case-sensitive. If the value that you specify contains a space, enclose the value in quotation marks (for example, "Julie Palmer").

Examples of searching for user accounts:
  • -u "Julie Palmer" -utype display_name
  • -u jpalmer@test.rim.net -utype email_address

If you do not specify a type using the -utype subparameter, the tool searches for user accounts using the display name first, then the email address. This subparameter uses ANR search functionality.

You can search for an exact match by enclosing the value in double-quotes (" ").

[-utype <type>]

This subparameter specifies which of the following options the tool uses to search for the user account:
  • display_name
  • email_address


This subparameter specifies that the results include only user accounts that are not currently associated with a BlackBerry Device Service.

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