Example: Creating an input file that instructs the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Log Monitoring Tool to restart the BlackBerry Dispatcher

The BlackBerry Device Service administrator creates a batch file named restart.bat that contains the following command:

net start "BlackBerry Dispatcher"

The administrator creates an input file named restart.txt with the following contents:


The administrator runs the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Log Monitoring Tool using the following parameters:

LogMonitor.exe -L "C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Device Service\Logs" -type DISP -input restart.txt

The tool monitors the BlackBerry Dispatcher log file and identifies the following log entry: [50099] (08/18 15:56:55.770):{0xDB0} BlackBerry Dispatcher Shutdown complete. Since the log entry includes the event ID specified in the input.txt file, the tool performs the action that is specified in the input file. The tool runs the restart.bat file, which restarts the BlackBerry Dispatcher.

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