Programmatic access to the BlackBerry Administration Service

You can use the BlackBerry Web Services to develop applications that enhance your ability to manage the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Office 365, BlackBerry devices, and user accounts. You can develop applications that automate and combine several tasks that administrators would typically perform using the BlackBerry Administration Service.

The BlackBerry Web Services use SOAP to communicate with authenticated applications. SOAP is platform-independent, which can make it easier to integrate your new applications with existing applications.

To access and use the available APIs, an application must first authenticate with the BlackBerry Web Services. The application uses the login credentials of one or more BlackBerry Administration Service administrator accounts to authenticate with and initialize the BlackBerry Web Services. When authentication completes, the BlackBerry Web Services are ready to accept API calls. The roles and permissions that are associated with the administrator account determine what APIs the application can use, and what management tasks the application can perform. For example, if you create an application to add user accounts to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the administrator account that the application uses must have a role with the Create a user permission.

An application that uses the BlackBerry Web Services must be able to make calls and receive responses from the BlackBerry Administration Service. Any computer with authenticated access to the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Administration Service can access the BlackBerry Web Services. This supports a secure, scalable model for programmatic access and flexibility.

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