Move user accounts to a different MDM domain

  • Enable the onboarding feature in the destination MDM domain. See Enable onboarding for the destination MDM domain.
  • Preview the migration process and resolve any issues that are identified.
  • Verify that only one instance of the tool is running at a time.
  • Move the user accounts when the associated devices are on, and are in a wireless coverage area.
  • Verify that the destination BlackBerry Administration Service is running. If the destination BlackBerry Administration Service is not running while you are moving user accounts, the default assignments for groups, IT policies, and software configurations might not be applied.
  1. In the BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter, in the Step 5: Migration section, if you want to ignore validation warning messages, select the Ignore Warnings check box.
  2. In the Step 5: Migration section, click Migrate. To stop the migration process, in the Step 5: Migration section, click Abort. When you click Abort, the BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter stops after it migrates the batch of user accounts that it is currently processing.
  3. On the Console tab, view the success and warning messages. To copy all of the success and warning messages to the clipboard, on the Edit menu, click Copy Console to Clipboard.
To verify that the migration process completed successfully, search for the user accounts in the destination BlackBerry Administration Service. Verify that the user accounts are assigned to the correct BlackBerry Enterprise Server, group, IT policy, and software configuration.

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