Creating administrator accounts that your applications can use

When your application makes calls to the BlackBerry Web Services APIs, the application must use the login information of a BlackBerry Administration Service administrator account to authenticate with the BlackBerry Administration Service and authorize its use of the API. You can create a new administrator account that is reserved specifically for your custom applications, or you can use an existing administrator account.

When you have determined the administrative tasks that you want your application to perform, you must identify the BlackBerry Administration Service permissions that are required to perform the task, and you must assign a role with the required permissions to the administrator account. An API request can only be completed if the application uses an administrator account with the required permissions. For example, an administrator can create a user account only if the administrator has a role with the Create a user permission.

You can assign one of the predefined roles that are available in the BlackBerry Administration Service, or you can create and assign a custom role. For more information about the permissions that are associated with predefined roles, see Administrative roles for the BlackBerry Device Service .

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