Configuring a BlackBerry Device Service for development

Before you develop applications to work with the BlackBerry Web Services, you must perform the following tasks for each BlackBerry Device Service that you want to manage:
  • Verify that your development computer has network access to the computers that host the BlackBerry Device Service components and the BlackBerry Administration Service.
  • Add the BlackBerry Administration Service certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store so that your applications can authenticate with the BlackBerry Administration Service.
  • Create the BlackBerry Administration Service administrator accounts that your applications can use to manage the BlackBerry Device Service (or determine the existing accounts that your applications can use).
  • Assign the appropriate roles to the administrator accounts. Certain tasks can only be performed if the administrator account has a role with the required permissions (for example, an administrator can create a user account only if the administrator has a role with the Create a user permission).

It is recommended that you install one or more instances of the BlackBerry Device Service to use specifically for testing and debugging your applications. Using a test environment can prevent accidental changes to your organization's production environment. The version of the test BlackBerry Device Service and BlackBerry Administration Service should match the version used in your production environment, to ensure that the features and functionality of the BlackBerry Web Services remain the same.

When you are ready to implement your applications in your organization's production environment, consider using a trusted certificate that is signed by a certification authority.

For more information about installing and configuring the BlackBerry Device Service, visit to read the BlackBerry Device Service Installation and Configuration Guide and the BlackBerry Device Service Administration Guide.

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