Retrieve activation statistics for a user account

You can use this task to generate a report of the stages of activation for a user account, and then use the report to troubleshoot activation issues.

  1. On the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool, on the taskbar, click Start > All Programs > BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit > BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool Client > BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool.
  2. Type besuseradminclient <credentials> -list -eastatus -u <user_name> -b <server_name> . If you want to return a list of every available user account, type -u " ".
  3. To specify the date range for the activation statistics that you want to collect, type -from <start_date> -to <end_date> , where <start_date> and <end_date> use the format YYYYMMDD.


besuseradminclient -username admin -password password -list -eastatus -u “Julie Palmer” -b server1 -from 20120112 -to 20120325

Mail Server Name User Email Address Enterprise Activation State Activation Status Activation Status Description Activation Event Date

/O=RIM/OU=r1/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=Server01-SBRK/cn=Mail Private MDB COMPLETED 180 Basic activation complete. Service book syncing follows 20120119 08:21:00.510

/O=RIM/OU=r1/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=Server01-SBRK/cn=Mail Private MDB COMPLETED 210 Slow synchronization completed 20120119 08:21:38.103

/O=RIM/OU=r1/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=Server01-SBRK/cn=Mail Private MDB COMPLETED 180 Service books accepted 20120119 08:20:59.603

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