Using the command summary in the help file

To open the command summary for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool, you can type besuseradminclient and one of the following parameters:
  • -?
  • -h

To display the command summary for a specific parameter, type besuseradminclient -help <parameter> . For example, besuseradminclient -help add.

Note the following rules about the format of the command summary:

  • The command summary is organized by parameters (for example, -add, -delete, -move, and so on). Each parameter is listed with its associated subparameters.
  • A parameter can only be used with its associated subparameters.
  • Each subparameter works with the parameter or subparameter that is outdented immediately above it.
  • The word "or" separates parameters or subparameters at the same level. When several options are separated by "or", choose one of those options to use.
  • Subparameters at the same level can be used together, unless separated by the word "or".
  • Optional parameters or subparameters are enclosed in square brackets ( [ ] ).

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