BlackBerry System Requirements Tool

You can use the BlackBerry System Requirements Tool (BBCheck.exe) to verify whether a computer can run a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component. You can also use the tool to help you troubleshoot an installation or configuration issue. For example, if a changed permission prevents you from performing a task that you could previously complete, you can run the tool to help identify and resolve the issue.

You can specify whether the tool runs preconfigured tests or a test configuration file that you create. Optionally, you can run the tool from the command prompt.

By default, the tool creates an output file and a log file in the folder that you run the application from. You can specify a different file location when you install the tool. The name of the output file is BBCheck_<host_name>_<yyyymmdd>_<hhmmss>.txt, where <host_name> is the name of the computer that runs the tool and <yyyymmdd>_<hhmmss> is the date and time that the tool created the file. The name of the log file is BBCheck_Log_<yyyymmdd>_<hhmmss>.txt, where <yyyymmdd_hhmmss> is the date and time that the tool created the file.

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