Administration Guide

Nightly reports

The BlackBerry System Log Monitoring and Reporting Tool sends a nightly report that summarizes the messages that the tool received from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server components that it monitored.

A nightly report contains the following information:



Host name

Host name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that triggered each message


The BlackBerry Messaging Agent or BlackBerry Dispatcher


The event ID number


The number of occurrences of the event


The description of the event

Example: Nightly report that the tool sends to a user account

Messages Logged at Error, Warning and Other:
Host Name: SERVER1
Service: BlackBerry Dispatcher CN=SERVER1/OU=SERVERS/O=TEST
Event  Occ.  Description
-----  ----- --------------------
10000      1 CRITICAL ERROR in the BlackBerry Dispatcher
50000      1
50075      1 Starting BlackBerry Dispatcher %s - version %s
Service: BlackBerry Messaging Agent SERVER1
Event  Occ.  Description
-----  ----- --------------------
10398      1 Unable to open mail database for user %s (server=%s) (db=%s)
20000      1
20089      1 Unable to open %s DB for %s
50001      2 Starting BlackBerry Server ...
50002      1 Shutting down BlackBerry ServerMessages
Messages Logged at Information, Debug and Trace Level:

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