BlackBerry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool

The BlackBerry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool is an application that you can use to verify that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is successfully delivering messages to devices. At an interval that you specify, the tool sends a message to the specified user accounts, monitors the status of the message, and confirms that the devices received the message. The tool runs as a Windows service.

Each time the tool starts, it clears the existing message delivery status values. The tool obtains the list of user accounts to monitor and sends a message to the devices that are associated with the user accounts. The tool assigns a serial number to each message and then increases the serial number by one each time it resends the message. When the tool reaches the interval value that is specified in the Last Message Delivery Check field, it checks whether the messages were successfully delivered and updates the Last Message Sent field, the Serial Number field, and the Deliveries list.

If the tool reaches the value that is specified in the Delivery Timeout Interval field, a timeout status message for the user account displays in the Deliveries list, and the tool sends a delivery timeout notification message to the defined SMTP email account to indicate that the message was not delivered.

To confirm the message delivery, the tool uses the following options in the message subject line:


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