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Configure a device pool

You can use the device pool to specify criteria, such as region, that are common among many BlackBerry devices in your organization. You can use a previously created device pool as long as the Publisher/Subscriber you are directing the Telephony Connector to and registering the BlackBerry MVS Client instances with is listed in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Group drop-down list.


Suggested setting

Setting for your organization's PBX

Device Pool Name

This field specifies a name that describes what the device pool is used for (for example, DP_MVS_<SITEX>).

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Group

Specify the group that you created for the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (for example, CMG_MVS).

Date/Time Group

Select CM Local.


This field specifies the same region as configured for desk phones, gateways, and media resources at the given site.


This field specifies a location for Call Admission Control purposes. Select a location that matches the site you are configuring the device pool for.

A location setting of Hub_None specifies unlimited available bandwidth.


Media Resource Group List

This field specifies the media resource group list that contains the media resources that are co-located with the users at the given site.

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