Configuring the PBX and Cybertech 6.1 call recording solution to record BlackBerry MVS calls

If you are using the Cybertech call recording solution to record BlackBerry Mobile Voice System calls, you must configure an external MTP resource in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You then assign the users to use the external MTP resource, which provides a path for the media to leave the voice gateway. The recording solution monitors (or spans) the switch ports that are connected to the BlackBerry MVS Server and the MTP resource, and it copies all messages and media to the recording solution that is destined to or originates from the BlackBerry MVS Server and the MTP resource. The recording solution can associate the call signaling messages to actual voice media, and tag and archive the media as appropriate.

The use of an external MTP resource alters the path of the RTP so that all BlackBerry MVS calls are routed through the MTP resource. The MTP resource uses one inbound and one outbound RTP stream for the BlackBerry MVS call leg and one inbound and one outbound RTP stream for the other party's call leg. The design of the network must take the RTP streams into account to ensure that appropriate bandwidth is available. Also, the BlackBerry MVS supports connection through the PSTN and Wi-Fi, so you must ensure that there are sufficient resources available to support all connectivity from the BlackBerry MVS. The MTP resource remains connected for the entire duration of the call, regardless of hold, transfer, and conference operations which might change the call participants. You must take this into account when you determine provisioning, topology, and bandwidth.

You can configure the organization's users to use only the BlackBerry MVS line and not the phone number that is provided by the wireless service provider so that no calls bypass the voice recording solution. In the MVS Console, you must configure a class of service for the users that you will record calls for. In the class of service, you must select the Restrict calls to use only the BlackBerry MVS line check box, and clear the User can transfer a call check box and the User can move a call to a one time number check box.

For information on configuring BlackBerry MVS only calling, see the BlackBerry MVS Administration Guide.

You can also use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT policy rule to block all incoming calls that are not BlackBerry MVS calls from reaching the user's mobile line. For more information about restricting calls to the BlackBerry MVS line, refer to the following KB article:

When you are integrating the BlackBerry MVS with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and a call recording solution, you must do the following:

  • Configure an MTP resource
  • Configure a media resource group
  • Configure a media resource group list
  • Configure a BlackBerry device to use an MTP resource
  • Configure the Cybertech INI file

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