Preparing to install the BlackBerry MVS

Record the appropriate values for your reference during the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System installation process.




BlackBerry MVS Server

Serial number

Authentication key

BlackBerry MVS Server Instance Name

This is the Instance Name that you enter when you add the BlackBerry MVS Server through the MVS Console.

BlackBerry Configuration Database

Microsoft SQL Server FQDN

Microsoft SQL Server IP address

Database name

Port number that the database listens on

For information about this port number, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administration Guide.

Authentication method that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses to connect to the BlackBerry Configuration Database: Microsoft SQL Server or Windows

If your organization uses database mirroring, the Microsoft SQL Server hostname or the IP address of the mirrored database

Windows domain user account

Log in information for the Windows domain account that you use to install the BlackBerry MVS.

You can use the BESAdmin account to install the BlackBerry MVS software.

User name and password for Microsoft SQL Server, if you are not installing the BlackBerry MVS in the same Windows domain where the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is located

MVS Data Manager

Hostname or IP address. The default value for the MVS Data Manager Hostname or IP address field is the IP address of the computer that you are installing the BlackBerry MVS software on.

Port number that the MVS Data Manager listens on for requests to retrieve information from the BlackBerry Configuration Database. The default port number is 17631.

Security information password

The BlackBerry MVS uses the password to encrypt communications between components

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