Restricting users to the BlackBerry MVS line

You can configure the organization's users to use only the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System line and not the phone number that is provided by the wireless service provider. In the MVS Console, you must configure a class of service for the users that you will record calls for. In the class of service, you must select the Restrict calls to use only the BlackBerry MVS line check box, and clear the User can transfer a call check box and the User can move a call to a one time number check box.

There are also parameters set through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT policy that can block all incoming non-BlackBerry MVS calls from reaching the user's mobile line. For more information about restricting calls to the BlackBerry MVS line, refer to the following KB article:

A user who is configured for BlackBerry MVS Only calling can make or take a call using the mobile line in the following scenarios:

  • The BlackBerry MVS is unavailable
  • The BlackBerry MVS Client is not registered with the PBX
  • The BlackBerry Configuration Database is unavailable

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