Prerequisites: Adding multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server user accounts to the BlackBerry MVS from a CSV file

You can add BlackBerry Enterprise Server user accounts to the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System from a CSV file that you generate from your organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

  • Verify that the users that you want to add to the BlackBerry MVS have BlackBerry Enterprise Server user accounts.
  • Verify that the BlackBerry devices are activated.
  • In the PBX, verify that the users' Directory Number and Device Name matches the numeric value that you type in the Extension Number field. The Extension Number field cannot contain non-numeric characters such as the plus (+) or hash (#) symbols or other characters such as comma (,), slash (\ /), or apostrophe ('). The BlackBerry MVS uses the Extension Number field to register the BlackBerry MVS Client to the BlackBerry MVS Server, and in the case of a PBX deployment, register to the PBX as a valid SIP device.
  • Verify that you saved a list of BlackBerry Enterprise Server user accounts in a CSV file on your computer. The columns in the CSV file must match the columns of user information in the MVS Console. The column titles are User Name, Mobile, Extension, Desk, Direct Dial, Telephony Connector User ID, Telephony Connector Password, Voice Mail User ID, and Voice Mail Password.

    An example of a correctly formatted row in a CSV file is: Angela Van Daele,5550100,123,5550101,5550102,1234,4321,789,987

    The CSV file must have, at a minimum, a column for the names of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server users.

    An example of a CSV file with only a User Name is: Angela Van Daele ,,,,,,,,

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