Upgrading the BlackBerry MVS software

You must upgrade the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System server software before you upgrade the BlackBerry MVS Client on the users' BlackBerry devices.

To upgrade the BlackBerry MVS software, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Upgrade the BlackBerry MVS. During the upgrade you should perform a database backup. For more information about upgrading the software, see the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Installation Guide.
  • Change the connection for BlackBerry Enterprise Server components after upgrading, if necessary. If you have set a communication password (other than the default password) for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server components on your organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you must use the same password to configure a connection from your organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the BlackBerry MVS. You can use the MVS Console to change the communication password.
    Note: Any communication passwords that you set in previous versions of the BlackBerry MVS are not preserved during the upgrade process.

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