BlackBerry MVS Server

This section lists the issues that were fixed for the BlackBerry MVS Server.




If an administrator created a class of service and selected the Restrict calls to use only the BlackBerry MVS Line and any of the options that turn off MVS Only calling, when the administrator assigned the class of service to a user, the options did not remain selected.


In the MVS Console you could not load a Call Detail Record report.


When the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System was configured for high availability, and the administrator typed the same number in the No Data Coverage field of both instances of the MVS Session Manager, an error message displayed that stated that the IP address was incorrect.


If an administrator enabled MVS Only calling on the Class of Service tab in the Edit user page, the After placing an Emergency Call, allow incoming calls for a duration of (in minutes) field did not display.


If an administrator configured a user with the following options:

  • In the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, installed the 6 DLU COP file
  • In the user's Cisco Unified Communications Manager account, set the Phone type to BlackBerry MVS Client with Voice over Wi-Fi
  • In the MVS Console, set the Default network for MVS calls option to Wi-Fi
  • In the MVS Console, enabled MVS Only calling

If the user was configured with one of the options for "Default network for MVS calls", when the administrator changed the option to "Mobile" or "Mobile Only", the change was not made on the user's device.

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