Network infrastructure roles and responsibilities

Before you install the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System, you must identify the areas of the network infrastructure that the implementation of the BlackBerry MVS affects and identify the individuals responsible for evaluating, assessing, implementing, administering, and maintaining the BlackBerry MVS. Many of these individuals have varying degrees of influence in the decision-making process for implementing any infrastructure changes that might be required. They can help identify any possible technology or process obstacles that might impede the implementation. These roles or areas of responsibility include:

  • Project manager
  • PBX administrator
  • Microsoft Active Directory administrator
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Handheld device administrator
  • Hardware administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security administrator
  • Server administrator
  • Wi-Fi administrator
  • Windows administrator

The inclusion of these roles at the beginning of the process is important for the success of the implementation.

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