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Best practice: BlackBerry MVS port numbers

A successful BlackBerry Mobile Voice System integration depends on unimpeded network communication between the various components of the network infrastructure. Therefore, during the project kickoff, you must involve the administrators that are responsible for the network infrastructure, firewall, and overall security risk assessment. Most organizations have strict guidelines for implementing new technologies, which might include both a new technologies business case assessment process and a change management process to consider and schedule any changes that might be needed to implement the new technology. Involving these administrators early in the process provides them with enough time to assess the port requirements and network routes for the BlackBerry MVS solution, and minimize the risk for disrupting the implementation of the solution.

Make sure that the organization's firewall administration and network infrastructure administration do not have policies or access control lists that would block traffic between the BlackBerry MVS components. For a list of port numbers that the BlackBerry MVS uses, see the BlackBerry MVS Installation Guide.

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