When an organization deploys a fixed mobile communication environment such as the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System, the technology interacts across many domains. This includes the organization's mobile unified communications that the BlackBerry solution provides but the BlackBerry MVS also extends into the organization's telephony environment, Wi-Fi networks, and data networks. Because the BlackBerry MVS interacts with and uses these different areas, and within every organization these areas are designed and managed to satisfy the unique needs of the organization, there are some general guidelines and actions that the installer and administrator can follow to make the BlackBerry MVS experience more positive.

The target audience for this information is anyone who will be deploying, administering, and managing the BlackBerry MVS environment. The following areas are outlined:

  • The considerations you must take into account when planning a BlackBerry MVS deployment
  • Specific actions or configuration settings that will make sure an effective and usable BlackBerry MVS system
  • After installation and the initial configuration, the other items that have been demonstrated to work effectively in different circumstances, to make sure a reliable and accessible BlackBerry MVS system.

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