Network infrastructure change control

The installation of the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System involves installing and configuring numerous components on the network and in the telephony infrastructure. The installation should be performed in accordance with the change control policies of the organization for introducing infrastructure server changes. You should install the BlackBerry MVS software only during non-business hours.

The changes to the network infrastructure include the following:

  • You install the BlackBerry MVS software on a computer that you must add to the organization's network. For more information, see the BlackBerry MVS Installation Guide.
  • When you install the BlackBerry MVS, it updates the BlackBerry Configuration Database. The performance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is not affected when you install the BlackBerry MVS.
  • You must make configuration changes to your organization's PBX or gateway so that BlackBerry MVS calls are routed correctly.
  • Make sure that organization's firewall administration and network infrastructure administration do not have policies or access control lists that would block traffic between the BlackBerry MVS components. For a list of port numbers that the BlackBerry MVS uses, see the BlackBerry MVS Installation Guide.
  • Make sure that the BlackBerry MVS Client is installed on your organization's BlackBerry devices. For more information, see the BlackBerry MVS Administration Guide.

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