Wi-Fi planning checklist

If your organization plans to use Wi-Fienabled BlackBerrydevices for making and taking BlackBerry Mobile Voice System calls, you must make sure that your Wi-Fi infrastructure can support Voice over Wi-Fi calls. This checklist is meant to help you plan for Voice over Wi-Fi calls in a controlled environment but not for calling from a home office or a hotspot.



Have you confirmed with RIM Technical Support that your BlackBerry devices and your VPN solutions are either already using Wi-Fi VPN to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or are ready to use Wi-Fi VPN to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server?

Do you plan to use Voice over Wi-Fi calling?

Does the Wi-Fi vendor's solution consist of a centralized controller supporting APs or is the solution built with standalone intelligent APs only?

Has a Wi-Fi site survey been completed to determine coverage requirements for Voice over Wi-Fi?

Does the Wi-Fi network support Layer 3 roaming?

Which IEEE 802.11 standards does the solution support?

Does the solution support IEEE 802.1X?

What EAP methods are supported?

Does the solution support WPA or WPA2?

Does the solution support Wireless Multimedia Extensions?

Is the solution Wi-Fi Alliance certified?

Which radio frequencies are supported on the APs?

Do the APs have dual radios (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)?

Can the administrator control which IEEE 802.11 services are available?

Is QoS supported on the Wireless LAN Controllers or APs?

Do the BlackBerry devices in your organization use multiple radios (for example IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11b?

Has the WLAN vendor assisted in validating that the Wi-Fi network is voice ready?

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