Site survey checklist



What is your BlackBerry Technical Support number?

The Technical Support number is required when you call RIM for BlackBerry Mobile Voice System support.

How many BlackBerry MVS users are you planning to service?

You will want to ensure that your environment can support this number of users.

Will the BlackBerry MVS Server be located at the same site as the PBX?

If you install the BlackBerry MVS Server somewhere other than the site of the PBX, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BlackBerry Configuration Database there are network latency and firewall considerations.

Is the Microsoft SQL Server for the BlackBerry Configuration Database at this location? If not, where is it?

Do you plan to configure the BlackBerry MVS for high availability?

If you are planning high availability deployment, you must make sure you have purchased that option and have allocated a second computer to install the BlackBerry MVS software on.

Will the high availability configuration involve more than one site? If so, where are the other sites?

Do you use any outsourced vendors for the administration and design of the PBX?

When collaborating with outsourced vendors, make sure you have all of the vendors engaged early enough to allocate resources; you will need support for the PBX, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and network.

List any outsourced vendors that you work with for the administration and design of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and other RIM solutions.

What outsourced vendors do you work with for the administration and design of the new servers that you are going to add to your network?

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