BlackBerry MVS pre-implementation checklist

Answer the following questions to help you determine if your telephony environment is ready to support the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System.

Basic Telephony Environment


Do you currently have Technical support with RIM?

Do you have enough PBX licenses to connect to the BlackBerry MVS and create BlackBerry MVS users?

Are you able to route individual DID/DDI numbers to the PSTN?

Have you reviewed the other components in your telephony environment to make sure they will be compatible with the BlackBerry MVS?

Have you considered alternatives if the BlackBerry MVS does not support your method of call accounting or authorization codes?

If you are using an Avaya or Nortel Networks PBX, have you considered the appropriate sizing for the Mediant gateway and licensing requirements?

If you are using an Avaya or Nortel Networks PBX, do you have the required AudioCodes Mediant gateway?

Does the BlackBerry MVS support your organization's PBX?

Does your dial plan contain only numeric characters in extensions?

Are you using PRIs or SIP Trunks for PSTN access?

Does the BlackBerry MVS support the other BlackBerry products in your environment (such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry devices)?

Can you provide MTP resources for the BlackBerry MVS SIP trunk if required?

Can you provide the required personnel for the BlackBerry MVS installation?

Can you provide a computer to install the BlackBerry MVS on?

Confirm that your organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server and PBX are not in a cloud environment.

Confirm that the response times between the following sets of components is less than 240 milliseconds:

  • BlackBerry MVS Server to PBX or media gateway
  • BlackBerry MVS Server to BlackBerry Configuration Database
  • BlackBerry MVS Server to BlackBerry Enterprise Server

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