BlackBerry Enterprise Server planning checklist



What BlackBerry device models are currently being used?

What wireless service providers provide coverage to the BlackBerry devices?

What is the version of BlackBerry Device Software on the users' devices?

How do you plan to deploy the BlackBerry MVS Client? For more information about making applications available to users, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administration Guide.

Can you configure two devices for BlackBerry Mobile Voice System test users?

What version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server does your organization have?

What is the Windows domain name where the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is?

How many BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances are installed in the Windows domain? Are they in a single site?

Do the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in the Windows domain all share a common database?

What version of Microsoft SQL Server hosts the BlackBerry Configuration Database?

Is the BlackBerry Configuration Database local to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or in a separate Microsoft SQL Server cluster? At which site is the BlackBerry Configuration Database located?

To what type and version of the messaging server is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server connected?

Do you have other BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances running in other domains?

Are all components (BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and messaging server) compatible with the BlackBerry MVS as per the BlackBerry MVS Installation Guide?

Based on your wireless service provider, what is the best dialing method for your BlackBerry devices?

How many BlackBerry domains are in your environment?

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