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Forwarding a BlackBerry MVS call through a PBX

  1. A BlackBerry Mobile Voice System administrator enables the user for call forwarding.
  2. The BlackBerry MVS user configures a phone number to forward calls to. The phone number can be internal or external to the organization.
  3. A caller dials the work number of the BlackBerry MVS user.
  4. The PBX creates a call establishment request and sends it to the MVS Session Manager over the SIP line.
  5. The MVS Session Manager filters the request through the BlackBerry MVS user's unknown caller ID setting, call scheduling setting, allowed caller list, blocked caller list and call forwarding settings.
  6. The MVS Session Manager detects that call forwarding is enabled and sends a SIP 302 redirect to the PBX.
  7. The PBX creates a call establishment request and redirects the call over the PSTN or LAN to the configured call forwarding number.
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