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Using DTMF tones

  1. A BlackBerry Mobile Voice System user is on a call to a voice mail account using the work number. The BlackBerry device emits DTMF tones for one of the following reasons:
    • The user pressed a key.
    • The user is in a wireless coverage area where data services are not available. The BlackBerry MVS Client uses DTMF tones to send call control requests.
  2. The gateway detects and removes the DTMF tones from the media stream, and indicates to the PBX that it removed the DTMF tones.
  3. The PBX sends the DTMF tones to the MVS Session Manager using KPML over the SIP line.
  4. The MVS Session Manager performs one of the following actions:
    • If the MVS Session Manager recognizes the DTMF tones as a call control sequence for the BlackBerry MVS, it performs an action (for example, sending a response as DTMF tones using KPML over the SIP trunk) based on the DTMF tones that it received.
    • If the MVS Session Manager does not recognize the DTMF tones, it relays the DTMF tones through KPML to the PBX over the SIP line.
  5. The PBX sends the DTMF tones to the gateway.
  6. The gateway emits the DTMF tones into the media stream.

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