Remove an MVS Data Manager from the BlackBerry MVS configuration

Before you begin:

You must have at least one other MVS Data Manager configured in the BlackBerry Domain.

  1. Log in to a computer where a BlackBerry MVS Server is installed using the same credentials used to install BlackBerry MVS.
  2. On the taskbar, navigate to Start > All Programs > BlackBerry MVS > BlackBerry MVS Configuration. If you are running the BlackBerry MVS Configuration Panel on a Windows Server 2008, right-click BlackBerry MVS Configuration and click Run as administrator.
  3. On the Connectivity tab, verify that at least one other MVS Data Manager is listed. If there is, continue to step 5.

    If not, you need to configure another MVS Data Manager before proceeding. One way to do this is to install another BlackBerry MVS Server. Do not proceed beyond step 5 until another MVS Data Manager is configured.

  4. Click Cancel.
  5. Open the MVS Console and on the Dashboard, click the host name of the Server where the MVS Data Manager you want to remove is installed.
  6. In the Edit MVS Server pane that opens, locate the Data Manager section.
  7. In the Data Manager section, select No from the Configured menu.
  8. Click Save.
  9. In the Windows environment, disable the MVS Data Manager Windows service. The path may vary depending on the server version. For a Windows 2008 server, the path is Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services.

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