Architecture: BlackBerry MVS

The basic BlackBerry Mobile Voice System includes a standalone BlackBerry MVS Server that is integrated with one BlackBerry Enterprise Server and one or more SIP gateways. You can use the SIP gateway implementation to translate DTMF tones from RFC2833 to SIP INFO for incoming BlackBerry MVS calls and from SIP INFO to RFC2833 for outgoing BlackBerry MVS calls.

The BlackBerry MVS includes one of each of the following components:

Component Description

MVS Console

The MVS Console is the UI that you use to maintain the BlackBerry MVS.

The MVS Console uses the BlackBerry Configuration Database for information storage and retrieval.

MVS Session Manager

The MVS Session Manager communicates with:

  • The MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector to send and receive BlackBerry MVS requests to and from BlackBerry devices
  • A SIP gateway to route BlackBerry MVS calls to and from the PBX
  • A voice mail server to provide device users with access to the voice mail messages for their work numbers
  • The MVS Witness Server when the MVS Session Manager is in a high availability pair. If the active MVS Session Manager fails, the MVS Witness Server manages the failover to the standby MVS Session Manager.

The MVS Session Manager includes:

  • FMC Phone: FMC Phone extends desk phone features to BlackBerry devices.
  • MVS Event Manager: The MVS Event Manager collects application events from BlackBerry devices and BlackBerry MVS components and stores them as event files on the BlackBerry MVS Server.

MVS Data Manager

The MVS Data Manager manages transactions between the BlackBerry Configuration Database and the MVS Session Manager, the MVS Witness Server, and the MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector.

MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector

The MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector communicates with the BlackBerry Dispatcher for all transactions between the MVS Session Manager and BlackBerry devices. The MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector also provides a path between the MVS Data Manager and devices for transactions such as device provisioning, where the information comes directly from the BlackBerry Configuration Database.

MVS Witness Server

In a BlackBerry MVS high availability installation, the MVS Witness Server supports the failover of MVS Session Manager instances and MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector instances.

The BlackBerry MVS also includes functionality that is provided by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the BlackBerry device:

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides BlackBerry device management and security, including authentication between BlackBerry devices and the BlackBerry MVS Server.

The BlackBerry MVS uses the following BlackBerry Enterprise Server components:

  • BlackBerry Configuration Database: The BlackBerry Configuration Database stores the configuration information for the BlackBerry MVS.
  • BlackBerry Dispatcher: The BlackBerry Dispatcher provides compression and encryption processing for all data that BlackBerry devices send and receive. The BlackBerry Dispatcher communicates with BlackBerry devices through the BlackBerry Router.
  • BlackBerry Router: The BlackBerry Router communicates with the BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry MVS Client

The BlackBerry MVS Client integrates with the BlackBerry device to allow BlackBerry MVS users to extend the capabilities of their work desk phones to their BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Domain

The BlackBerry MVS uses the BlackBerry Configuration Database for all data storage requirements. You configure the BlackBerry Configuration Database when you install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. You can configure several BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances to use the same BlackBerry Configuration Database.

A BlackBerry Domain consists of one BlackBerry Configuration Database and all the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances that use the database. One BlackBerry MVS can support several BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances and all their users if they are all in the same BlackBerry Domain.

BlackBerry MVS configuration

The BlackBerry MVS components communicate with each other and the BlackBerry Configuration Database to create a 'map' of all BlackBerry MVS Server instances, their components, and their associations. This map is referred to as the BlackBerry MVS configuration. A BlackBerry MVS Server and its components are added to the BlackBerry MVS configuration when you install a BlackBerry MVS Server. You can use the MVS Console to disable a BlackBerry MVS component from the BlackBerry MVS configuration. For more information on adding a BlackBerry MVS Server, see the BlackBerry MVS Installation guide. For more information on removing a BlackBerry MVS Server component, see the BlackBerry MVS Administration guide.

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